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la Torre Tavira

Cadiz is world famous for its lookout towers, witnesses of the commerce and prosperity that the city enjoyed in the 18th century. Specifically, the Tavira Tower was designated the official watchtower of the port of Cadiz, for being the highest point of the city, as it is 45 meters above sea level and in the center of the old town.

D. Antonio Tavira was the watchman of the tower and it will be through his spyglass as we will imagine the history of the city, waiting for the ships coming from America loaded with goods; and through the camera obscura as we will observe Cadiz and its urbanism in the XXI century.

What is it?

Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura produces an image on a horizontal curved white screen, like a table, located in the center of a totally darkened room, painted black.

The projected image is in color, very bright and reflects what is taking place outside the tower at that very moment (real and moving images).

Because of the long focal length of the main lenses, the result is a superb optical effect that makes objects at a great distance appear quite close.

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